Where We Come From

In 2003 BioProduct started importing and selling timing systems. The initial focus of the company was to sell digital clocks for visual event timing. This quickly escalated to the corporate and manufacturing sectors, along with related products in sport and the fitness industry.

In 2009 ChipTimer I saw the light and this sytem made use of chips and hardware that was much more affordable than anything on the market at that time. This was clearly envisioned as a winner, but the message was clear that improvement on the hardware side was required.

In 2015 ChipTimer II was introduced with a revamp of not only the hardware and available chip options, but a complete rewrite of the software. The system advanced from a single race timing system to a timing system that could also accommodate batch starts and lap timing. The ChipTimer II system was a quick success with well over 100 successful races under the belt.

In 2017 the ChipTimer III was introduced, and here the system went from stand-alone to cloud operation. The online entry system was now integrated, batch starts allowed for competitors to be placed in blocks remotely, and the valuable intermediate stations could also be timed. Besides the ease-of-use on a computer, the system could now also be used on a tablet or smart phone.

In 2018 ChipTimer IV was released and it very quickly dawned on us that this would become a great competitor on world markets. The main system is build web-based and the system has great modules that are required by race organizers such as the reporting module, commentator module, race clock and check-in feature.

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