As the Timing Company for this event we are contracted to do the timing and then provide credible results. To ensure that we fulfill this mandate we are dependent on good administration by the club, wearing of the timing tag correctly by the runner, and by placing the race number and license (permanent / temporary) correctly on your clothing.

You can assist us by:

  1. Completing the entry form neatly and accurately when you enter for the race. Opting for online entries assists the club greatly as there is no need to retype all the information in electronic format.
  2. Mount your timing tag exactly as depicted below. The timing tag is a rental only and should not be handled harshly by bending it, folding it or using sticky substances on it. The reason we are making use of reusable tags is to keep the race costs down and make the service affordable to all running clubs, so remember to hand your tag back after the race.
  3. Attach your race number and license in exactly the way it is prescribed by Athletics South Africa. Your race number should always be mounted on the front of your body and be visible at all time during the race. The race number is used by the referees to ensure that you start in the correct batch and are on the correct route during the race. It is also used by the timing company to ensure that your timing chip was read as you crossed the finish line.

Please see the instructions below:

We trust that you will have a great race and see you at the finish line. Remember to thank the club for their organization – they do this for the love of the sport.