Web-Based Operation

Communicates and Collaborates Web-Based

Unmatched Flexibility

Adapts to Various Race Requirements

Stand-Alone Operation

Operates without Internet Connection

Completely Mobile

Minimum Hardware Requirement


Manage All Aspects of Your Data

The Data Manager allows you to manage all the event and competitor data so that it suits the requirements of your event. Edit and create Sport Types, Categories, Races and Event Data, all at the click of a button.

The Main Timing Screen

Race Manager serves as the main application during event timing on race day. Only after selecting the applicable event and race, you will be able to start the race clock and then record competitors as they cross the finish line. The race manager will only activate on race day. Should you wish to have a dry-run of your event prior to race day, then simply edit the date of your event to the date that you would like to have the dry run.

Easily Check-In Participants

Check-in participants into starting blocks before the start of the race. This data has no influence on the result of the race but can be used for statistical purposes or to verify that a competitor had in fact started at the starting line. You may also import the data if the check-in was done on a mobile device.

Route Checkpoints

Import checkpoint or intermediate point results from the Checkpoint App. The Checkpoint App can be downloaded and used by remote devices that are outside range of the main timing computer. An excel file can then be exported to send the checkpoint data to the main computer.

Display the Race Time on a Screen

The Race Clock can be displayed on multiple screens that are connected to the main computer. By selecting the appropriate race on the Race Clock, you can display a Race Clock for each race of the day. For better viewing the size and colours on the race clock can be altered.

Race Results During or After the Event

Generate race reports and results during or after completion of your race. The printing fields can be selected, so customization of the print-out can happen in a flash. The race reports can also be converted to PDF format should you wish to post them online.

Provide Your Commentator with Live Information

The commentator screen will update the commentator with live results as competitors cross the finish line. It also provides a separate screen with the first positions for each category. Keep your event commentating fresh and up to date.