The Mobile Timing System by ChipTimer is a compact, mobile and versatile Timing System. It allows for all aspects of race registration and timing to be done on a laptop, without any hardware connected to the system. Included with the web-based software is the phone app for checking the competitors into the starting block. The phone app connects with the hardware simply by connecting to the audio jack of the phone or tablet, while comfortably fitting into your pocket.

The system is perfect for small technical races such as extreme trails, multi-terrain biking or adventure races where competitors check-in at checkpoints or finish with distance between them, and not pass by in groups. It is also extremely handy when you have checkpoints on mountain tops or hard-to-reach spots where you can simply carry the complete timing system in your backpack.

The Mobile System makes use of manual entries to record laps onto the system.


  • Complete entry and timing system on a laptop
  • Inexpensive to acquire
  • Small and lightweight to carry and store
  • Easy to use
  • Completely Mobile when moving from one point to another


  • Software


  • Audio Reader


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