There are several ways in which we can time your event for you. Our offering may differentiate in terms of chips being used, timing points and equipment to your disposal. Our experience has taught us that not all races are equal, and for this reason we have several options available to choose from.

The first very important choice to make is whether you prefer manual or electronic race timing.

manual race timing

When making use of manual race timing we simply eliminate the element of electronic chips, and time the race by entering the competitor numbers manually as the competitors cross the finish line. Scoring and positioning are still done automatically by the system, and all competitors still need to be entered into the system to ensure that they appear on the race-day results.

All other elements of the timing services remain exactly the same as if we were making use of electronic timing:

  • Clients can enter manually or online
  • On-the-day entries can be allowed
  • Competitors will be allocated race numbers
  • Results will reflect race numbers as well as competitor names
  • Video footage of the finish line can be incorporated
electronic chip timing

When making use of electronic chips to time the race, many of the elements of human error are eliminated. Whether you are preparing for a race with small numbers or a race with thousands of competitors, inevitably competitors will cross the finish line in batches or groups. Electronic chips will eliminate the human error by literally scanning hundreds of competitors per second. Thereby you will get accurate results for not only the winners, but also for the masses who have supported your race.

The following advantages exist for making use of electronic timing:

  • All other race services are still offered
  • All competitors are recorded electronically
  • Groups and batches are recorded successfully
  • No need for competitors to line up at the finish line
  • No need for large numbers of support personnel from the event organizer