Live tracking allows you to track your event live every step of the way. Now you can be at the finish line and know exactly where your front runners and other competitors are.

There are a number of advantages to making use of live tracking:

  • Organizers can track their race live
  • Organizers can make their race social by sending messages
  • Organizers can have their race listed on the live tracking site and further promote their race
  • Spectators can get result notifications
  • Spectators can view live videos that are posted
  • Spectators can chat with their friends
  • Competitors can use one app for all races
  • Competitors can receive live support from their friends
  • Competitors can see the race route and elevation chart
  • Competitors can see statistics about their races

The procedure to track your race live is easy:

  1. Chat with us and we will register your race with our live tracking partners
  2. Your competitors download the app to their smartphones
  3. Once downloaded they can view and select the race on the app
  4. On race-day they will activate the app and complete the race with their smartphone